My Background

I’ve been a photographer most of my life. I got my first camera when I was ten. When I was fourteen I decided that I wanted to be an artist. So I started painting and shooting with an artistic purpose. When I was a freshman at San Francisco Art Institute, my mom suggested that a I take an acting class. That's where I fell in love with acting. Cliff Osmond was my teacher. I studied with Cliff off and on for twenty years. It was more for art and what I learned about myself than wanting to be an actor, although I have done several short films and had my headshots taken by some of the best in the industry. So, as far as headshots are concerned, my twenty years studying acting and being an artist/photographer my whole life have influenced my eye and artistic style behind the camera. I know what It’s like to be in your position.

Before A Session 

I feel our photo session will work best if we first meet at the Topanga Living Cafe, which is next to my studio, to have a coffee or tea. So we can both get comfortable. It gives me a sense of who you are, what types of roles you audition for, and what you are hoping to accomplish in our session together. The Hi, how do you do, let’s shoot, never seems to work. Our meeting is just as important as our shoot.

The Session

The session is easy and simple. It's all about being relaxed. We’ve met, we know what we’re going to do, now we have fun and do it. The environment that I shoot in couldn't be more conducive to relaxation, at the top of a mountain, overlooking Topanga Canyon. When you are comfortable, and not feeling pressure, your true personality will shine through; then I simply capture you. It's easy. Honestly. There's nothing to it at all. It doesn't have to be a huge ordeal. It's like acting; when you want to be good, and you're trying, it never happens. When you just relax and are in the moment, it's magic. It flows. THAT'S how we work together! I shoot only one client a day, that’s it -- you'll never be rushed through a shoot simply because another client has shown up. This is NOT a factory. This is about YOU.

Your comfort, your ease, and your thoughts are what it's all about. Once that's in place, you can see it in your eyes! And your eyes will tell us everything!

I will shoot until I feel like we have captured what we set out to accomplish. There is never any time limit or specific amount of JPG's. I'm going for the shot that cannot be ignored, that compels an agent or casting director to call you in regardless of whether they know you or not. How can you put a time limit on that?


1 look 2 Retouch - $200

2 looks 2 Retouch - $250

3 looks 3 Retouch - $300

4 looks 4 Retouch - $350

5 looks 5 Retouch - $400

6 looks 6 Retouch - $450

Hair and Makeup:

$85 for men $125-$150 for women.


Topanga Canyon Studio